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Sunday, November 7, 2010

SGPA Calculator

This is a program for all BPUT Students to calculate their SGPA's by providing all the Subject grades.

There are 2 options available in the program

.Using option 1 you need to provide all the Grades of all the 6 subjects and also the Labs Grades along with the total Credit Points they each carry.

After entering all the Grades you get the SGPI.

If you select the 2nd Option it is for calculating the New SGPI after clearing the Backlogs. It helps calculating the SGPI after knowing the grades.

First you need to enter the Old SGPI and enter the Total Credit Points fr tht Semister

Then enter the no.of subject's you want to recalculate (Depends on the no.of backlog subjects).

Now enter the Grade of that subject and the Credit point that subject carries

Hence get the new SGPI

Click Here to Download -> SGPA Calculator

Program by- Anup Sahu
Idea by- CS-A BackBencher Association(NIST)

P.S- Any new Ideas for further programs please write into me at this blog or mail me at